“Ask a Therapist”: You Ask, We Answer


Foundation Counseling is excited to share that beginning this month of May, we are starting our “Ask a Therapist” Open Online Forum.

What does this mean?  It means that you have an opportunity to ask our team of therapists here at Foundation Counseling any question you may have about therapy, the therapy process, or about any topic commonly addressed in counseling.  Perhaps, for instance, you have a question about parenting, social media for your teens, depression, anxiety, or issues related to friendships, dating, and marriage.  We would love the opportunity to hear from the community and provide our insight into such important issues.

How can I ask? There are three ways in which you can ask a question:

  1. Here on the Foundation Counseling Blog, by leaving a comment below in the “Leave a Reply” section of this blog post.
  2. On our Foundation Counseling Facebook page, by leaving a comment on our page, below the “Ask a Therapist” post or by messaging our team on the FC Facebook page.
  3.  Anonymously via emailing Director Phil Zaffos at foundationcounseling@gmail.com – you can email your question with the subject line “Ask a Therapist”. If you choose to ask anonymously, we will keep your identity private.

How do you answer? If we feel able to answer your question, a therapist from Foundation Counseling will respond here on the Blog, which will be shared on our FC Facebook page as well. So be on the look out!

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Foundation Counseling Team

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