Our Story


“Foundation Counseling began as a seed in the midst of the joining of hearts and vision.”

We, Phil and Heidi Zaffos, met at Richmont Graduate University, where we each began our journey in becoming a counselor. Neither of us dreamed of ever marrying another counselor, but what began as a long friendship evolved into dating and, soon after, marriage. Now we share a vision in life together: the healing of individuals, relationships and families.

With our vision rooted in passion and deep conviction, we founded Foundation Counseling together in 2012 with this humble hope: To improve the quality of life of the members of our community through bearing their burdens and inspiring hope through healing and transformation. Our desire is for anyone and everyone who is in a season of need or want to be able to come and experience warmth and relief through unconditional acceptance, compassion and care.

We have evolved over the years and have expanded our counseling family in order to multiply our vision alongside like-hearted individuals. Each counselor on staff reflects the heart and enthusiasm to be a source of hope and healing to our community and is excited to walk alongside you through your journey.

Just as life can be a joy, filled with laughter and love, life can also be so frail, so difficult and filled with tragedy. Even worse though, is when we experience these things alone. We invite you to come just as you are and truly hope that you will leave feeling known and renewed.

                                                 -Phil and Heidi Zaffos

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