Anger Management

and Court Mandated Anger Management Counseling

 A comprehensive approach to address anger and it’s underlying causes. This group utilizes a number of research-based topics to help every person learn practical skills to work on anger and also process all aspects of yourself to develop self-awareness for true and lasting change within yourself and your relationships.

What to expect:

The Anger Management program is available on a group and individual basis in order to meet your needs and comfort.

Many people are required to have an initial anger management evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine how many anger management sessions are appropriate for each individual. We schedule the evaluation by appointment.

Our anger management groups provide a safe, respectful and encouraging atmosphere for people to be honest and real. With the guidance of the counselor and support of the group, you will be able to reach your desired goals.

If you prefer more individualized attention, one-on-one anger management counseling may be more appropriate for you. In this setting, you have the opportunity to meet with the counselor and spend more time with personalized matters, going deeper into more matters specific to you.


  • Court/Probation ordered clients needing anger management
  • If anger appears too often, too intense
  • If anger effects your relationships at home or work
  • If anger has become physical
  • If anger has become verbally abusive
  • If anger issues effect your relationship as a couple
  • If bad moods and anger dominate each day
  • If friends, family or co-workers keep telling you, “you need anger management”





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