What a Bonded Romantic Relationship Looks Like: Bringing Clarity to the Science of Love

by Jim Stockton, LPC _ What characterizes a bonded romantic relationship? If you asked ten people this question, you may get ten different answers. You may get answers like good communication, the ability to problem solve, the ability to resolve conflict, or a vibrant sex life. Of course, these are all important elements of a … More What a Bonded Romantic Relationship Looks Like: Bringing Clarity to the Science of Love

Facing Our Pain

by Heidi Zaffos, LMFT  _ “You have to live through your pain gradually and thus deprive it of its power over you. Yes, you must go into the place of your pain. What is your pain? It is the experience of not receiving what you most need. It is a place of emptiness where you … More Facing Our Pain


By Phil Zaffos, LPC Attunement describes how in touch a person is to another’s emotional needs, moods and feelings. A person who is well-attuned will respond with appropriate language and behaviors based on another person’s emotional state. They are good at recognizing moods and emotions in another and adapting their own response in accordance. Attunement … More Attunement

Introducing New ‘Mens Transformation Group’

Foundation Counseling is excited to announce the launching of the ‘Mens Transformation Counseling Group’! Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC has always been passionate about seeing men transformed. In reflecting on the current state of “manhood” in our society and it’s evolution over the past century through events, wars, economics, social and cultural norms, technology and our … More Introducing New ‘Mens Transformation Group’

In Hope

Without hope, what will become of man?  It’s the reason we can get up out of bed in the morning, the leverage for motivation and the drive for improvement. Without hope, what is the reason to live? If we do not believe that we can make a difference, that we can have a better life, … More In Hope