Meet The Counselors

Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC, CPCS

Director/Supervisor of Foundation Counseling, LLC


Safety. Honesty. Freedom. Come as you are. I believe in creating a safe atmosphere without judgment, allowing you to freely come for the help you want and deserve. In this safety, we will journey together honestly to the root of these burdens facing you, seeking healing and insight in order to create true and lasting freedom in your life. Every person is different and therefore the process for each will be unique. Knowing this, I enjoy helping each person by adapting to his or her personality and comfort zone in order to make the process the most effective and fulfilling.

I enjoy helping people overcome issues with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, self-esteem, men’s issues, social skills, substance abuse, anger management and domestic violence. I also perform court/probation mandated evaluations and counseling for anger management, alcohol/drug and domestic violence.

*Phil accepts Cigna Insurance

To schedule an appointment, call Phil at (678) 923-2885 or email at

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Heidi Zaffos, MA, LMFT, LPC


I believe that difficulties, hurts and pains do not have to immobilize my clients but can serve to transform their lives into deeper meaning and fulfillment. I understand that talking about deep hurts, struggles, fears and secrets can sometimes place people in a vulnerable and uncomfortable place, so I seek to provide the safest environment to help my clients feel open and safe.

My areas of interest lie with counseling adolescents, young adults, women, families, and couples who are facing a variety of issues including: relationship concerns, life transitions, personal and spiritual growth, grief/loss issues, depression and anxiety.

To schedule an appointment, call Heidi at (828) 230-7194 or email at

***Unfortunately, Heidi is not currently accepting new clients at this time.***

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Stephen Barber, MA, LAPC

I am passionate about the healing process of counseling, both personally and professionally, and would be honored to walk with you through your journey. There is something tremendously healing in just being heard and I am committed to providing a safe place for that to happen. I would love to assist you in the process of finding your answers and give you the support you need as you struggle with life and relationships.

I have a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Richmont Graduate University with a certificate in Trauma Counseling. I am able to incorporate my knowledge of trauma and its effects into counseling as I understand how thoroughly trauma and abuse can affect many areas of our lives. My extensive experience with other cultures allows me to understand the multicultural aspects of my clients as well. I am passionate about working with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, porn and sex addiction, bullying and self-esteem, men’s issues, spirituality, grief and trauma recovery. I also have experience working with couples and families and enjoy seeing the healing that can occur in relationships through counseling.

To reach Stephen and schedule an appointment call him at (678) 886-2550 or email at

Alex Blizzard, MA, LPC

My practice is dedicated to guiding women through the hardest parts of life, and empowering them to build on their own strengths to become more fulfilled.  I understand the dark, unexpected feelings that can arise in life’s journey, and the isolation and self-judgment that can accompany them. And, I know how effective and powerful it can be to feel validated and heard.  

I offer individual counseling in a safe and supportive environment and specialize in infertility, maternal mental health, and postpartum depression & anxiety. I also can help with issues such as: grief/loss, relationship issues, codependency, sexual abuse, and trauma/PSTD. I enjoy working with women in a collaborative, non-judgmental, and empathetic way that helps them feel empowered and valued.

*Alex accepts United Health Care Insurance

To schedule an appointment please call Alex at (678) 777-4846 or email her at

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Amanda Fairbanks, MA, LAPC


I am passionate about exploring the past to understand how it is impacting the present and informing the future. I view therapy as collaborative effort toward healing with you being the expert in your own story. I know that beginning therapy can be hard and terrifying, that is why I attempt to create a safe and welcoming space for my clients. I believe that everything we do makes sense within the context of our stories and I would be honored to offer a space for you to tell yours.

I have worked in several levels of care including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. I have experience and am passionate about working with teenagers, young adults, and up. I have worked with clients through a variety of issues including complex trauma, addiction, grief/loss, neurodivergence, life transitions/stressors, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and relationship issues.

*Amanda accepts Cigna insurance under the supervision of Phil Zaffos, LPC.

To schedule an appointment, call Amanda at (404) 530-9934 or email at 

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Lydia Minear, MA, LPC

In my time sitting with people, I have noticed a common theme: a deep desire to be real.  In the presence of a safe, attentive person, you are allowed the opportunity to share openly about who you are and what difficulties you currently face. I focus on your individual needs and strive to create a place of warmth and openness where you can tell your story freely. In the counseling hour, we will be intentional to understand what feelings you experience in a sensitive, meaningful way. I invite you to take this step of investing in your wellbeing and to move forward with greater clarity, power, and hope.

My areas of interest include: adolescents, young adults, fears & anxiety, grief & loss, depression, developing independence & self-esteem, and exploring deeper issues of meaning and fulfillment.

*Lydia accepts Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare insurance.

To schedule an appointment, contact Lydia via email at

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Mercedes Mitchell, MA, LAPC

I’m aware that the idea of therapy can be overwhelming, intimidating and uncomfortable. That’s why I pride myself on creating a safe place for people to be able to discuss whatever issues they are dealing with and remind them that they are not alone in this therapeutic process. I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adler University, I’m a Nationally Certified Counselor and a proud HBCU alum as well. I try my best to practice self care, but sometimes even that is a luxury that not everyone has. However when able, I like to listen to music, travel, dance and try new places to eat.

I have a passion for working with juvenile adolescents and young adults, especially from Black and Brown communities. I want to revitalize therapy and encourage people to see the true benefits of it. It’s a safe haven where you can explore not only the present but the past and begin to recognize how previous trauma can affect us as we grow older. I enjoy working one on one with individuals and helping them see their maximum potential within. While also assisting them in gathering the necessary tools to implement positive and healthy change for their lives. I have experience in working with a variety of disorders such as schizophrenia, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar, major depression, anxiety, and with those on the autism spectrum. Regardless of what issues you’re dealing with whether it be school, work, friendships, family, romantic relationships or personal, I am here to help navigate you on the path to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of you! I look forward to beginning this journey of self discovery with you.

To schedule an appointment, call Mercedes at (616) 841-5692 or email at

*Mercedes accepts Cigna insurance under the supervision of Phil Zaffos, LPC.

Taitanna Moore, MS, LAPC

Seeking counseling is not the easiest decision to make at times. Internally we tell ourselves we can do it alone, we can manage whatever life throws at as. I believe you can and I also believe you don’t have to. Both personally and professionally I have seen the benefits and the difference it makes to have an impartial party to be a non-judgmental ear, to talk through any insecurities or uncertainties and to see and appreciate you for you. In my individual sessions I create a safe space for clients to share their story and explore any areas of concern. I believe that when we give intentional time and attention to our mental health it has positive effects on our overall well-being.

I am passionate about counseling young adults, mothers and women. My areas of interest include: life transitions and balance, exploration of self, relationships and sex therapy. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Taitanna accepts Cigna insurance under the supervision of Phil Zaffos, LPC.

To schedule an appointment, call Tatianna at (470) 422-9939 or email her at

Sarah Turner, MA, LAPC

My passion is restoration. No one in this world is a stranger to suffering. We experience hurt, brokenness, fear, and disappointment. We have seasons of darkness and loneliness. We feel as though the life in us has been robbed, killed, destroyed. Thankfully, that is not how our stories have to end. Restoration means to give back or return to its original state.  My hope for our times together is that your life is given back and your hope is returned. My goal is to provide a safe space and compassionate companion on your journey towards abundant life. 

I am passionate about walking with those who experienced trauma. I’ve worked with individuals from various backgrounds including domestic violence, addiction, homelessness, sex trafficking, and complex trauma. I also enjoy helping helpers: working with service professionals, spiritual leaders, and those who often support others. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, identity formation, spiritual issues, and coping skills. I look forward to hearing from you and joining your story of towards restoration.

Sarah accepts Cigna insurance under the supervision of Phil Zaffos, LPC.

To schedule an appointment, call Sarah at (404) 490-0330 or email at