Introducing New ‘Mens Transformation Group’

Foundation Counseling is excited to announce the launching of the ‘Mens Transformation Counseling Group’! Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC has always been passionate about seeing men transformed. In reflecting on the current state of “manhood” in our society and it’s evolution over the past century through events, wars, economics, social and cultural norms, technology and our … More Introducing New ‘Mens Transformation Group’

In Hope

Without hope, what will become of man?  It’s the reason we can get up out of bed in the morning, the leverage for motivation and the drive for improvement. Without hope, what is the reason to live? If we do not believe that we can make a difference, that we can have a better life, … More In Hope

The “M” Word

In a recent session of couples counseling, we went back to the basics and asked a simple yet pivotal question: “Why marriage?” Another way of asking, ‘what are we really fighting for/toward here?’ I was a little surprised to be met with blank stares and after a short silence, “I don’t know…” “Ok, well why … More The “M” Word

Inside the World of Domestic Violence: Part III

What makes a person become abusive? Most people would agree that people aren’t born abusive, but that they become that way. How does the path turn an innocent child into someone who abuses? [A quick disclaimer: during this segment, I will be using masculine pronouns. I will be doing this for ease of writing. Also, … More Inside the World of Domestic Violence: Part III

Inside The World of Domestic Violence Series: Part I

“What makes someone hit the person they love?” “How does (the cycle of) domestic violence even happen?” “Why don’t victims just leave?” “I’ve never been hit, so is this abuse?” “What exactly is domestic violence?” “Can the abuser be helped?” These are just a few of the questions I am typically asked by clients, victims … More Inside The World of Domestic Violence Series: Part I