*The following testimonials are from people who have received counseling with Foundation Counseling. To ensure confidentiality, no names have been used on this page*


My experience with Foundation Counseling and Phil was an enlightening experience. Phil from day one made me feel at ease about counseling. We sometimes have a certain stereotype about counseling and Phil broke down every one of them. His calm presence and ability to listen really allowed me to be ‘just me’. Phil allowed me to voice my thoughts and feelings and gave me insightful feedback. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help.”

-36 year-old, African-American Male

 “I am a mid-40s executive who was at the time suffering from horrible panic attacks. In the course of my work I am required to present to large and small groups very frequently. As a recovering alcoholic I told Heidi early on that I was reticent to use most anti-anxiety medication. From the very first meeting Heidi listened to me and worked with me on a course of action that accounted for my personal history with addiction as well as my professional demands. When I look back on the progress I made it is almost miraculous. Heidi helped me to develop techniques to handle the anxiety and manage panic attacks . She helped me embark on a journey of self-awareness like nothing I ever thought possible. In essence she taught me how to not fear my fear. It is the greatest gift I have ever given myself.”

-45 year-old, Caucasian Male

“I have been in counseling with Phil for almost a year, and in that time, I have made great strides in improving my sense of worth and setting personal boundaries. Phil is very open and non-judgmental, making it easy to discuss issues, see them from a different perspective, and address them accordingly.  He is always professional, yet kind and compassionate and his guidance has greatly benefitted me in the areas of parenting, marriage, and buried wounds from my childhood, which affect my choices and behaviors even today. I very much appreciate that he is willing to discuss and explore whatever pressing issue is on my mind in any given week.  I will continue to work with Phil and highly recommend his services. Thanks, Phil!”

-37 year-old, Caucasian Female

“With the time I have been here, Heidi has truly helped me with many of my problems. I’m really glad I started counseling because I don’t really know who I would be or how I would have made it without this amazing support throughout the years.”

-15 year-old, Caucasian Female

“Doing counseling with Phil has helped me identify the root of so many of the issues I had in my life. With this new knowledge of my anxiety and depression, I feel more equipped to make the necessary changes I need to make in order to really improve my life. I thank Phil for helping me make sense of the root causes of these challenges in my life and will definitely be going back to him for more counseling in the future as needed.”

-34 year-old, Caucasian Male

“Heidi has truly helped me feel understood and accepted. She walked me through many difficult situations, such as depression, anxiety and other personal problems that tend to hinder me on a day to day basis. My stress has been greatly reduced and I have seen a positive improvement in my life. Heidi is always welcoming and caring and after leaving I always feel better. I would highly recommended Heidi.”

-25 year-old, Caucasian Female

“Phil has a calming and peaceful presence that allowed me to feel very comfortable and safe. He is very attentive and a great listener and provides a lot of useful insight. I looked forward to coming in and talking with him every week knowing that I would always feel better when I left. He has helped provide stability during a difficult time in my life. I would definitely recommend him.”

-29 year-old, Caucasian Female


Anger Management Group (voluntary and court mandated)

“This program helped me overcome something that I never had an understanding of: why I had issues with anger in my life. There are so many positive things I can carry with me for the rest of my natural life due to this experience. Positive and uplifting.”

-29 year-old, African-American Female

“Throughout this process, I have gained a lot of knowledge and self-awareness, especially in regard to my thoughts and feelings and how the external circumstances affect me. I’m actually considering going to school to become a counselor myself now.”

-41 year-old, Caucasian Male

“I really enjoyed coming to this group. It has helped me grow as an individual and see a new light in my life! Phil was an awesome counselor. I always felt comfortable in the group and willing to participate. It’s funny to believe I hated the thought of having to do this group for court, but now I feel like a happier and new me! Thank you!”

-19 year-old, Hispanic Female

“After attending Phil’s group, I have made such an improvement in my opinions, attitudes and beliefs. I felt very comfortable in the group, despite my initial reluctance to join. I would encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of the anger management program here at Foundation Counseling. Thank you very much.”

-33 year-old, Caucasian Female

“This group really helped me understand more about myself. I tend to be quiet and shy, which Phil very much respected and didn’t force me to talk. Ironically, that actually made me feel more comfortable to share in group. I felt comfortable and understood by Phil and he really taught me a lot of skills and a lot about myself that I didn’t know before. I feel better prepared going forward in life because of this experience.”

-20 year-old, Caucasian Male


Family Violence Intervention Program

“I came into this group in hopes of finding some clarity for my situation, my family and for me. It didn’t take long for my walls to come down and the real focus of the course, ‘who am I?’ to take on the true meaning of the search. Early on, I remember feeling the first wave of uncomfortable ground hit me and I had to make a choice: to either ignore the feelings or ride it out and see where it led. Wanting a change in my life and relationships, I chose to work on and change the only thing that I had control over…me. During my time here, I’ve seen many people and many situations, which all helped me plug each new piece of information from the class into my life and  I watched as my actions and reactions slowly changed with each passing day. I have great thanks for Phil for the efforts and care with which he leads this class. At the end, I’m realizing it’s really just the beginning. Now I have a recognition of who I am and who I’m not and who I don’t have to be. I am walking in the confidence of a new me.”

-38 year-old, Caucasian Male

“At first, I was very skeptical about coming to this class. After about a few weeks, seeing that Phil was very genuine, I began to open up and see that it’s okay to talk about things. I’ve learned a lot from this class and am very thankful now that I took it.”

31 year-old, African-American Male

When I started this class, my family was falling apart due to my actions. During the 24-week class, I began to see and understand more about why I was the way I was. I understood more about my hurts from the past, how the abuse I suffered as a kid has affected me and why I reacted to things the way I did. I began to make changes for me. I can’t control anything outside of me and that has been a freeing new knowledge. I am choosing to be a new man and to break away from the family curse of abuse. I am fighting for myself, for my family and for people everywhere to end abuse by being a man who serves and takes care of his wife and children. To do this, I’ve had to and continue to have to face my hurts and insecurities so that I have a chance of being the man I want to be. Thank you Phil for leading me and challenging me into a man I can be proud of. I will definitely be continuing to do counseling with Phil so that I can keep continuing to grow.”

-29 year-old, Caucasian Male



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