In Hope


Without hope, what will become of man? 

It’s the reason we can get up out of bed in the morning, the leverage for motivation and the drive for improvement. Without hope, what is the reason to live? If we do not believe that we can make a difference, that we can have a better life, a better marriage and family, a better living, a better world, then what could we possibly muster to try to even care?

Without hope, despair settles in. It’s oppressive hand tunnels our world, pressing in the darkness all around and squeezes the vitality from our soul. Despair is dry and empty. Despair is shambles and brokenness. It is as close to death as one can be while still living.

It drills through us until breaching our core and breaks through attempting to destroy anything left.

And then there is silence.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to break. It takes humility to accept what is often beyond our control; to be unraveled in the world around us, to continue to exist and nothing more because all our strength is simply gone.

Hope. It’s in it’s complete absence we gain a new depth and yearning for such a thing. Just an ember is a lightning strike, shocking our systems back to life. Hope is the power that keeps us alive. Hope is the heart that keeps us strong. Hope is the richness that keeps us loving. Hope is home for our souls.

Take hope.


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