Introducing New ‘Mens Transformation Group’


Foundation Counseling is excited to announce the launching of the ‘Mens Transformation Counseling Group’!

Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC has always been passionate about seeing men transformed. In reflecting on the current state of “manhood” in our society and it’s evolution over the past century through events, wars, economics, social and cultural norms, technology and our fathers and fathers before them, it appears quite evident that a change must be made. Here are just a few concerns:

-A quick conversation with a man can often reveal an emotional ineptitude.

-The rise in the number of divorces, intimate partner violence and teen-dating violence with men as the perpetrators.

-The prevalence of ‘absent fathers’, both physically and emotionally.

-The seeming inability to have deep and meaningful connections with other men, let alone women.

-The rate at which pornography is viewed/purchased by men and the perpetuation of the unrealistic (and often times with technology, inauthentic) standard of beauty placed on women and objectification.

-And worst of all, the intentional/unintentional lack of recognition of how badly a change is needed manifesting in a large epidemic of complacency.

Phil has been working over the past 5 years with men, in all phases of life, individually and in groups seeking to re-awaken who we are as men and to challenge what has become the norm in our current time.

To further step into this need, Foundation Counseling is now offering a ‘Mens Transformation Group.   People who would benefit from this group would be men who:

-Are struggling with anxiety or depression.

-Have frustrations that often lead to anger outbursts.

-Are having marriage or relationship difficulties.

-Are unsure of how to communicate well, especially feelings.

-Lack direction or passion in life.

-Are desiring to have authentic, meaningful relationships with other men.

-Are seeking to grow more in self-awareness and to enhance the quality of your life and those around you.

The vision is this: in understanding more about who we are, how we think and feel and why, we can cast a more clear and precise vision of where and who we want to be and how to get there. With this new self-awareness and vision, you will also learn and develop skills and strategies to empower you in all areas and relationships in your life. Alongside other men for support, encouragement and accountability, we journey together and experience transformation.

The group is designed to illicit meaningful and lasting change. Research is beginning to more and more suggest that lasting change on the level in which this group is designed to create can take potentially up to a year at a weekly rate to take root. The Mens Transformation group we are launching is going to be a 24 week process, which is definitely an investment of time. And yet the research suggests, and the men I have worked with for years have almost always agreed, that 24 weeks is just the beginning.

I want to challenge you, men. Take an honest look at the state of your being; your family, your relationships, your communication, your temper, your self-awareness, your happiness, your career, and your priorities and ask yourself:

“Are you truly creating the legacy that you desire on the deepest level and that the world desperately needs?”

Come and join us. This weekly group is beginning on Sunday, April 19th at 2:00 pm at Foundation Counseling.

Fore more information, contact Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC.


Learn more about Phil Zaffos, MA, LPC & Heidi Zaffos, MA, LMFT, LPC and Foundation Counseling .

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